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Dispatch Documentation

Dispatch is a conversational protocol for Solana.


Built in partnership with top web3 communities, Dispatch is designed to be the all-in-one decentralized platform for communities. With Dispatch, web3 communities can create on-chain forums where users earn SOL, up-vote content, get rewarded NFTs, and limit spam through moderation tools like token gating. Dispatch supports wallet integrations and on-chain identity using Solana’s network. Your community members will need to have a Solana wallet (we recommend Phantom) and some SOL in their wallet to use your Dispatch forum.

Moderators use Dispatch to create web3 experiences for their communities:

  • Meme contests. Award NFTs to the user with the most up-voted meme.
  • Polling your community. For example, where should we meet next IRL?
  • Bounties. Users earn SOL when they do things for the community like fix bugs.
  • Token gating. Only people with your NFT or token can post topics.
  • AMAs. A chance for your community to engage with the founders and other interesting community members.

Launching a Dispatch forum takes just a few clicks and no code is needed. The experience was designed for creators. To see example communities or launch your own forum, check out

After you’ve launched your Dispatch Forum, you can ask your developer to embed Dispatch into your own site using our React SDK.

Continue reading to learn more about Dispatch’s features, partner success stories, how to get started, demos and code examples, and information on our roadmap.


For more advanced features, like adding 1:1 messaging to your community, coding is required. We have easy-to-use SDKs for your developer.

StatusFeatureShort DescriptionRequires development
MainnetForumsLaunch on-chain forums with token gating
MainnetSend TokensCommunity members earn SOL and NFTs for their contributions
MainnetIdentityForums connect with user’s native wallet
In ProgressAnalyticsAnalytics dashboard for moderators
MainnetEmbed ForumHost forum in your own website or app.✔️
MainnetMessaging1:1 and 1:many messaging✔️

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